We’re entering the dog days of summer, and it’s tempting to simply sit the rest of the season out and enjoy some AC and season 2 of GLOW or something. But wait! There’s more summer in store! On Saturday, September 8, the 7th annual Silver City InterNational Festival will once again take over West National Avenue, between 33rd Street and 35th Street, for a family-friendly day of music, dance, art, food, and good vibes. And goodness knows we need more of the latter these days.

From noon until 5 p.m., the ever-popular fest (which began as Asian Fest, and was subsequently known as the InterNational Food & Art Walk) will celebrate the cultural diversity of it namesake neighborhood. Music and dance highlights include performances from Salsa Power, The Squeezettes, Escamilla Entertainment, and the Salsabrosa Dance Company. The fest is sponsored by Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Komatsu, and 88.9 Radio Milwaukee.

More than 3,000 people joined the party last year, and there’s no reason the fest can’t top that number in 2018. Let’s keep the summer rolling, Milwaukee, and celebrate the things that make our city strong.

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