Like we said the time we stayed overnight at that haunted cigar bar, the interesting thing about ghosts is that they don’t exist. Like, c’mon, they really don’t. Buy hey! We’re still suckers for pretending they’re real, especially when autumn is right around the corner and there’s not much else to do these days.

Enter the just-announced Riverside Ghost Tours, coming to the downtown theater October 9-31. “The Riverside Theater is best known for two things: amazing shows and being one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin,” reads a press release. “Between the catastrophic fire of 1966, reoccurring floods and rumors of a sordid past, the Riverside Theater has been a source of intrigue in the paranormal world for the past 91 years. Just in time for Halloween, the Pabst Theater Group pulls back the curtains of the theater for the Riverside Ghost Tours, revealing a spookier side that the general public hasn’t experienced.” The Pabst Theater Group is ready to believe you!

The tours will be lead by “experienced ghost hunters” and will feature “eerie audio clips from past ghost hunts, spine-tingling tales of other worldly encounters and an inside look at ‘hot spots’ in the theater that aren’t normally open to the public.” Ah, hell, this sounds pretty great. We’re in!

There are two tour options available:

Riverside Theater Ghost Tour – $25
Fridays and Saturdays, October 9 – October 31 and Thursday, October 29

• 60-minute tour of hot spots for paranormal activity (not normally open to the public)
• Learn historical tidbits about the Riverside from haunted historians
• Hear spine-tingling tales and listen to unexplainable, eerie EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) from past ghost hunts
• Bar service available before and after tours

The Late Night Ghost Hunt – $150
Extremely Limited Number of Tickets Available!
Two Nights Only, October 30 and 31 (Halloween Night!)

• Exclusive 3-hour investigation (11:30 PM – 2:30 AM) starting on stage with a séance led by a medium who’s no stranger to the spiritual energy of the theater
• Includes access to ghost hunting equipment such as digital voice recorders (for capturing EVPs), infrared thermometers, EMF detectors, a spirit box and MORE!
• Spend the night exploring hot spots in the theater with the help of experienced paranormal investigators
• Souvenir gift commemorative Riverside Theater Ghost Tour ‘All Access’ Laminate

And yes, masks and social distancing are required, and groups will be limited to 10 or fewer people (private tours are also available). Click HERE for a full list of safety protocols, and click HERE for ticket information.

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