When we last spoke with Devils Teeth, the surf-punk project—which features former members of Green Bay stalwarts Paris@2am, Oshkosh’s own The Susperios, and Milwaukee mainstays like Tigernite, Liar’s Trial, White Problems, Golden Coins, and The Squish—was gearing up for a big 2017 and writing material for the band’s debut full-length.

Last year (their first full sun rotation as a band) was a quietly productive one for Devils Teeth, as they added saxophone player/official Milwaukee Record fish fry correspondent Caleb Westphal into the mix, nabbed some notable opening slots, and recorded the 10 songs that are on their awesome forthcoming album. Before that record, Suki Yaki Hot!, is released on Triple Eye Industries on August 24, Devils Teeth wanted to let listeners know what to expect by releasing a new music video for the band’s latest single.

The “Diamond Rio” video was directed by singer-guitarist Jon Hanusa with some directorial assistance from Kyle Arpke. Bassist Eric Arsnow edited it and added animation. Shot at the “Speckled Chemistry” creative space in Cedarburg (the home base of Hello Death and Group Of The Altos), the concept is simple, but the spotlight- and performance-based video does an excellent job capturing the song’s energy and illustrating the band’s surf-influenced style—even down to the nautical attire.

“The single-point lighting idea was inspired by the opening to a Dick Dale performance Jon has always enjoyed,” Arsnow says.

Devils Teeth will open for Dick Dale at Shank Hall on Thursday, August 9. Prior to that show and the release of the band’s excellent debut record, watch the “Diamond Rio” music video now.

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