It’s been more than a minute since we heard from moody Wisconsin/Milwaukee post-rock outfit Ghost Cuts. In fact, it’s been nearly seven years: Way back in April 2016, we prepped you for the band’s debut record, Silence Is Violent, by writing about two music videos; now, we’re prepping you for the band’s long-awaited sophomore record, Heretics, by writing about two more music videos. CREEPY.

Speaking of creepy, the black-and-white clip for “Joan” definitely has some creep factor going for it. Watch as two young girls pocket a wallet, hike across town, tie the wallet to a brick, and chuck it in the river! (The band portion of the video was shot in February 2021, in the then-empty Cascio Interstate Music building in New Berlin.)

The video for “Hypotheticals” is a much brighter affair, featuring band members Jackson Kesy, Craig Johansen, and Chris Biertzer fading in and out amongst various psychedelic filters and static-y backdrops. There’s even a quick glimpse of the band’s 2016 video for “Knives” near the end. Once again: CREEPY.

Did we mention both “Joan” and “Hypotheticals” are great? Because they are. Look for them on the eight-track Heretics, due January 13.

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