Every Wednesday at noon, Ryan Schleicher, Evan Rytlewski, and Matt Wild take to the WMSE airwaves to discuss all things Milwaukee. This half-hour fun-fest is called The Disclaimer, so named because none of the oft-ridiculous views expressed on the show necessarily reflect the views of the hosts’ employers. Milwaukee music, Milwaukee art, Milwaukee events, and D.I.Y. lawn care tips are frequently discussed—and rarely agreed upon. The Disclaimer: Talk radio for the sane.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Milwaukee County Parks had written a letter to the makers of Pokemon Go asking for the removal of PokeStops from Lake Park. “There have been other unanticipated and negative consequences from Pokemon-related activities which have caused significant disruption both within Lake Park and in adjacent neighborhoods,” the letter read. “These include daily traffic congestion, parking issues, littering, compacted and damaged turf, risks to sensitive flora and fauna habitats, and noncompliance with park system operation hours.” Ryan, Evan, and Matt discuss this puzzling and possibly tone-deaf letter, as well as the case of the missing Journal Sentinel archives.

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