If all goes well, our lives are long. They’re filled with love, loss, lessons learned, and lessons forgotten. They’re filled with open roads and dead ends. But no matter where we find ourselves at any given moment, we can always point our lives in different directions. Our lives can “begin” at 0, 20, 40, or 80. Until there simply isn’t, there’s always more life to be led. Like the song says, there are more places left to go.

What song is that? It’s “Wonderin’,” the latest track from Parker Schultz and his Milwaukee “indie-skate-rock” project Social Cig. “What’s the point of never wonderin’,” Schultz sings on the wonderfully buzzy and sun-kissed track. “There’s more to this, there’s more than what you know / What’s the point of never wonderin’ / There seems to be more places left to go.” And just like life itself, the song has a few direction changes of its own…

Schultz and company are currently wanderin’ across the country on tour, delighting national crowds and staying in cheap hotels, as touring bands do. Congrats to the random guy in Dayton who bought the red dinosaur (perhaps from the “Hot Red” video?) for $60!

Social Cig will be back in town this Friday for a Flannel Fest pre-party/costume party at The Cooperage. Joining the group will be The Keystones (who are celebrating the release of a new EP), Alley Eyes, and Tigera. If you’re wonderin’ what to do on Friday, wonder no more.

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Social Cig finds Jurassic love in colorful “Hot Red” video

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