Roughly one year ago, Moon Curse broke three years of relative silence with the release of The Spirit Remains, a five-song salvo of ’70s-tinged stoner rock. Save for a few live outings that included Mitten Fest, a Mama Tried show at the Harley-Davidson Museum, and a vaunted Metal Grill opening slot in support of none other than Bongzilla, the band spent much of 2016 in seclusion. Last night at The Vanguard, Moon Curse unveiled a video for “Beneath The Waves” that’s just as punishing and epic as the Spirit standout is on its own.

The Ross Monangle-directed video begins with a protagonist sitting on a beach, seemingly at his wit’s end. He pens a note, which he puts into a liquor bottle he’s just emptied before hitting the open water in a rowboat. After a storm rolls in, things get weird. The second half of the near-eight-minute video features a glowing orb, a so-called “deerdog” puking blood, a chase through a dark forest, a murder, and an ending that’s open for interpretation. There’s also live footage of Moon Curse playing spliced in for good measure.

Why are you still reading this? Does the word “deerdog” mean nothing to you? Watch “Beneath The Waves” below.

Moon Curse – Beneath The Waves from Ross Monagle on Vimeo.

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