Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup. Want to hear us discuss a few of this month’s releases on WUWM’s Lake Effect? Click HERE.


Marielle Allschwang & The Visitations – Precession Of A Day: The World Of Mary Nohl

Bandoleer Bacall – Raspberry Songs

The Mike Benign Compulsion – Bygones

Curbsitter – I’m A Soy Boy

Dead Rainbow – Terraforma

Taiyamo Denku – The Book Of CyphaDen

Max Devereaux – Learning From Failure

Genesis Renji – Keefe

Guerrilla Ghost – Live In Chicago

Indonesian Junk – Spiderbites

KNAAVES – The Serpent’s Root

Lifetime Achievement Award – Real Magic Smut

Moustache Bride – Cavalry Tantrum

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Protons And Electrons Compilation

Brett Newski – Going Solo Is Better Than Being Alone: Live In Wisconsin

Snag – s/t

Stupid Neel & Casshan – Bad Things Have To Happen

Tell Me – No Pain

Whiskey And The Devil – Please Hold On

Yo Dot x PlagaMusick – Self Checkout


DJ Ten & Immortal Girlfriend – “Gamble”

Flat Teeth – “Florida Snow”

Abby Jeanne – “Get You High”

Negative/Positive – “Space Smells Like Lilacs”

Old Earth – Beast Of Needs

Pay The Devil – “Weimer, Texas”

Zach Pietrini – “Like The Pain”

Some Strange Kaleidoscope – “Patina Screamer”

Supertentacles – “The Last Of the Salamander Kings”

Will It Burn – “All In Drab”

Renz Young – “Waiting”


Lex Allen – “Let Go”

Altered Five Blues Band – “Right On, Right On”

Dad – “Big Buck Hunter”

King Myles – “Vapors”

Klassik – “Active”

Mario Lanza – “Distracted”

LUXI – “What’s Worse”

Mari Boy Mula Mar – “Owls”

Joe Quinto – “Run Away”

REYNA – “The Way I Loved You”

Von Alexander – “Solange”

The Eradicator – “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” (Public Domain)