Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Lex Allen – The Offering

Big Al And The High Noon Band – The Devil In The Details

Big Laugh – Manic Revision

Taiyamo Denku – Kollab Kong

Drugs Dragons – Highest Strangeness

Klassik – Klass Notes.

LMNtlyst – Unplugged (From Reality)

Mike Mangione – Kill The Blues Sessions

The Midwest Beat – Incantations

Moustache Bride – Tragedy Seminar

Pezzettino – Venus

Phoned Nil Trio – Honoring A Bird: March 21st, 2001

Phylums – II

Johanna Rose – Only Good Nites

Tarek Sabbar – Outside Frame

Tim Schweiger & The Middle Men – The Good Stuff

Tim Schweiger & The Middle Men – New War

Shogun – Addendum

Space Raft – Positively Space Raft

Stalones – Thank You Satan

The Trusty Knife – s/t

Various Artists – Wired Explorations Vol. 1


Browns Crew – “Autonomía”

Bum Alum – “thegame4life”

CHIEF – “For Those Who Live, A Light​”

Josh Evert – Penumbras And Emanations (Reworks For Seakn)

Fudgy – Pre​-​Album Maxi​-​Cassingle Lathe Promo

Liza Jane – “Vitamins”

L’Resorts – “Squeeze You”

Lomira – “Before The Bardo (Kolo Dance)”

LUXI – “So Charmed”

Misery Signals – “The Tempest”

Pedestrian Raps – “Scrabble Eyes”

Puerto Wiccan – “Big Drip”

Reins Daily – “Don’t Mind If I Do”

Genesis Renji – “Convertible”

Renz Young & Maal Himself – “V.M.M.D.I.”

SACRED – “Berlin Wall”

Yum Yum Cult – “Convenience & Me”


3XSimpson & Rockstar Great – “Something Like That”

Chicken Wire Empire – “Milwaukee”

Donno – “Breathe”

Fuzzysurf – “Electric Trick”

Fuzzysurf – “I Don’t Dream Anymore”

Will Rose – “Aces”

Sat. Nite Duets – “Attached To The Lamp”

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure – “Selfie”