Back in March, former Young Holidays mastermind Max Holiday began releasing music under his new moniker, Bleach Athletixx. Songs like the druggy and Vice City-channeling “California Future,” the druggy and washed-out “Squatter’s Rights,” and the (you guessed it) druggy and ’80s-dance-party-vibing “American Made Motorcycle” proved that Holiday continued to possess an almost unnerving knack for creating catchy-as-hell pop songs that retained a charming homemade spirit. The fact that he served as the sole writer, performer, and producer on the songs didn’t hurt his rep as a DIY wunderkind, either.

Now, Holiday has released a new single, “Rotation Of The Earth,” and combined it with previous Bleach Athletixx tracks to form an EP on his new label, Close Up Of The Serene. The song is quite possibly the best BA jam yet: Holiday’s cosmic vocals, a simple but striking piano accompaniment, and a cosmos-reaching chorus all rotate and lock into place, 2001-docking-bay-scene-style, to create a song that’ll be stuck in your head for more than few planetary rotations.

As for Close Up Of The Serene, Holiday plans to use the label as a platform for Bleach Athletixx, his chilled-out electro side project Mercury Drums, and a regular DJ night (along with cohorts Liquid City Motors and MS 115) at Quarters. Holiday describes the DJ night, dubbed “Precognition,” a “serious and forward-thinking music night rather than a ‘dance party.’” The next installment is slated for Friday, January 15. Until then, listen to “Rotation Of The Earth” below.