Whether he’s playing his own material or covering songs in the public domain, Joseph Huber can do no wrong. Honestly, the Milwaukee roots mainstay could spend 45 minutes writing and recording a song with the term “Super Bowl” in it, and it’d still be great. How can we be so sure? Huber spent 45 minutes of his weekend doing just that, with excellent results.

In honor of tonight’s big game that pits a team nobody cares about against an opponent everyone hates, the singer-songwriter wrote, self-recorded, and released a song called “Superbowl Blues.” Even though Huber felt the need to assure listeners “this will not be on the new album” and to claim he “will more than likely delete” it by night’s end, the timely number is a jangle-y song of revelry, complete with harmonica, a banjo solo, and a lively chorus about “drinking like every day’s the Super Bowl.”

With no guarantee the song will still be online come Monday morning, listen to “Superbowl Blues” while you still can. With any luck, Huber will find it in his heart to keep the song up on Soundcloud, even if he’s not a fan of it. “If this song becomes a hit…I’ll be really upset,” Huber says.

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