Do you like Midwestern-made music? Do you want to support X-Ray Arcade? Do you want to do something—ANYTHING—in a safe and responsible setting that’s not your goddamn house? Do you want to squeeze every possible moment of outdoor fun out of autumn before you’re fully forced inside for months and months of misery, darkness, and isolation? Do you want to get a Milwaukee Record shirt for a reduced price? If you answered “yes” or “sure” or “maybe” or “whatever, I guess” to any of those questions, we have just the thing for you!

This Friday (October 2), join Milwaukee Record co-founder and editor Tyler Maas on the spacious patio of the Cudahy establishment. From 6 p.m. until at least 9 p.m., Maas will play an eclectic mix of music that was made by musicians in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, and from folks who hail from a variety of other locales in the Midwest. After you buy a bunch of drinks (alcoholic and N/A options are both abundant) and tip X-Ray’s staff generously, you can also get any Milwaukee Record shirt for a sale price of just $15.

A few question you might have:
• Do you have to wear a mask when you aren’t at your table? Absolutely. If you can’t deal with that extremely simple act of basic human decency, stay the fuck home and rethink your entire life.

• How much does this cost? It’s free. Since there’s no cover, we recommend you put that savings into buying some X-Ray Arcade merch to help support the venue. They need the help!

• Can you request something? Sure, if requests are kept to a minimum and they fit the Midwest music theme.

That’s about it! If you’re looking to get outside for a night of safe, socially distant, and semi-localized entertainment, we recommend you mask up, bundle up, and meet us at X-Ray Arcade on Friday night.