Remember that part in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street when Freddy says “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy,” and his tongue slurps out of the telephone? What’s the deal with that scene? Nancy isn’t sleeping, so how does Freddy do that? For all the talk about how Nightmare 2 “breaks the rules,” the original isn’t exactly perfect, either.

Oh. Anyway. “Nightmare on Center Street.” On Saturday, October 28, the multi-venue Riverwest Halloween party will return for its third year, bringing with it a stacked lineup of local and national talent. (Speaking of threes, A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is totally the best one.) Company Brewing, Club Timbuktu, Jazz Gallery, Quarters, and High Dive will host acts like Klassik, Zed Kenzo, Lorde Fredd33, Nelson Devereaux, Rio Turbo, and more. DJs and surprise artists are promised, too. Once again, the fest is being curated by Voodoo Honey Records founder Jay Anderson.

“Halloween is an excellent opportunity to connect local venues with artists in a very organic way,” Anderson says in a press release, “and Riverwest is a neighborhood that supports independent musicians and art.”

All-access passes are $15 and come with a “special surprise perk.” They can be purchased online. Tickets to individual venues are $10 at the door.

Here’s the full lineup:

8 p.m.
Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts / Riverwest Artists Association
DJ Enzo DeMay
Mark Davis
Special surprise artist

10 p.m.
Club Timbuktu
DJ Spero Lo Menzo
Rio Turbo
Nelson Devereaux
Quinten Farr’s For The Culture
Lorde Fredd33
Foreign Goods

10 p.m.
Company Brewing
DJ Tarik Moody
Jovan Landry
Lili K
2000s Emo tribute
“Ain’t A Thang But Chicken Wang” Halloween edition – Hip Hop & R&B – North vs. South

10 p.m.
Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace
Mr New York
Immortal Girlfriend
Vincent VanGreat
Sex Scenes

10 p.m.
High Dive
DJ Annalog
Kyel Brandel
Taj Raiden
Boodah Darr
Zed Kenzo
Genesis Renji

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