We made it, Milwaukee. In a matter of just a few hours, winter will be officially over—though we’re not ruling out a few more instances of snow and sub-zero temps in the weeks to come—and spring will be upon us. Hooray!

Though winter isn’t typically a season Wisconsinites like to look back upon with much fondness, there was actually a lot of great Milwaukee music released between mid-December 2023 and mid-March 2024. As we say farewell to winter and welcome a new season with open arms, Milwaukee Record wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of our favorite songs local musicians released this past winter by putting together a “Winter 2024” Spotify playlist.

Is Spotify a terrible platform that has done irreparable harm to the music industry? Absolutely. Do you still have a Spotify account in spite of that? Probably. So if you happen to enjoy anything on this playlist, we urge you to listen to more material from those artists, buy their music or other merch directly or on Bandcamp, and see them perform live.