Ray, you’re chanting! Ray. Ray, look. Ray! Unconscious chanting! You’re chanting! “I want to kill. Everyone. Satan is good. Satan is our pal. Milwaukee Record. Has added. A second screening. Of The ‘Burbs. November 20. At 9:45. At the Avalon.”

Yes, for those of you who didn’t manage to grab tickets to our sold-out 7 p.m. Avalon Theater screening of the 1989 Joe Dante classic, we’ve added another one at 9:45 p.m. Tickets are $5. Get them here. Both screenings are joint presentations with Lakefront Brewery, as part of the brewery’s annual “Hanksgiving” celebration.

Like we said last time, The ‘Burbs is a movie about a quiet suburban cul de sac. Mild-mannered Ray and Carol Peterson (Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher) enjoy a peaceful existence alongside all of their quirky-yet-harmless neighbors, until a mysterious new family moves in next door. The Klopeks keep to themselves and have some odd habits, but might they be evil? Ray and pals do some snooping, smoke some cigars, and hang out with Ricky (played masterfully by Milwaukee Record superfan, Corey Feldman). There are shenanigans and misunderstandings, but certainly no evil. Or is there?

Avalon will have some special holiday-specific food offerings available as part of the evening’s festivities, and Lakefront will have its Proper Porter on draft. Again, get your tickets here. Big strings of garlic and fresh lambs blood not included.