Milwaukee hardcore aficionados now have reason to give thanks. Some 20 months removed from its last show and more than six months after releasing its most recent split, Get Rad will return to the stage for a good cause. The incomparable and influential veteran hardcore outfit—one that has managed just three shows since November 2010—will break its silence to headline a three-band bill for the Punx Give Thanx benefit concert Friday, November 28.

Get Rad’s Dave Rudnik says the time is right because, simply, everyone will be in town. Get Rad will be joined in the long-awaited follow-up to the first Punx Give Thanx in 2009 by Assault & Battery and LIFES, both of which feature members of Get Rad. The quinquennial event will benefit Hunger Task Force, with all proceeds from the $5 cover (or two canned foot items) going to the charity. “Hunger Task Force is a very visible charity, especially at this time of year and it enables us to donate something other than money,” Rudnik says.

With the band’s output limited by parenthood, opposing work schedules, and guitarist “Bradical” living in New Orleans, it could easily be another 20 months between Get Rad shows. So if you have thunder (and compassion for the less fortunate) in your heart, you’re not going to want to miss this. Some people think Black Friday is a day reserved for family and shopping, but say fuck no to rules, man.

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