Remember The Guy On The Couch in Half Baked? We’ve all had a Guy On The Couch in our lives, haven’t we? Hell, maybe we’ve been The Guy On The Couch. A version of The Guy is front and center in the new video for Bunk Bed‘s “Bum.” Played by singer Nicholas Ouchie, he’s the cereal-eating, CPAP-wearing bane of bandmates Chris Ouchie (keyboards) and Bob Schaab (drums). “So when will you give up and stop living life like a bum?” the song asks. Come on, Guy! Get it together!

The math-y and art-y Bunk Bed comes from the ashes of the short-lived (but excellent) group Weird Storm. A two-song EP, Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk was released in November 2022. Self-produced by the group at the Exchange Recording Complex, and mastered by the incomparable Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, it’s filled with herky-jerky riffs and shout-y gang vocals, as well as jam-band tendencies and a love for early Built To Spill. Get a haircut, get a real job, and listen to it below:

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