In case you were wondering, that low, dull roar emanating from Milwaukee’s lakefront is not Godzilla, king of the monsters. It’s Summerfest, which kicks off its 47th installment today at noon. And what better way to celebrate than with a YouTube study of the evolution of drunk dancing at The Big Gig? So let Milwaukee Record take you on a nostalgic (and informative!) trip filled with jorts, white tennis shoes, tank tops, unsteady picnic tables, questionable covers of Santana’s “Smooth,” and that one guy who always shows up wearing the same Sunkist shirt year after year. Oh, and top-flight inebriated dance moves, of course.

2006: “Drunk people Dancing at Summerfest”

2007: “Summerfest Dancing”

2008: “Summerfest Dancing D-Bag!”

2009: “Summerfest 2009 Drunk Dancer!”

2010: “Drunk guy at summerfest”

2011: “Summerfest 2011 Drunk Guy”

2012: “Summerfest 2012”

2013: “Drunk guy dancing (WARNING, Loud music)

That Sunkist t-shirt guy

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