Last month, Milwaukee Record put on a little benefit concert with a unique twist. The inaugural Local Coverage saw eight Milwaukee acts that hail from various corners of the city and nooks of the musical spectrum convening at Club Garibaldi the night of January 16 to play adaptations of music from other local bands. The aim was to bring the music scene closer together, provide a unique evening of fun for people in the dead of winter, and support a worthy organization in the process. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the performers, Club Garibaldi’s out of this world staff, too many amazing sponsors to name, and all those who came, we feel it was a huge success. We plan to do Local Coverage again in 2016 and for years to come.

By night’s end, the inaugural Local Coverage raised $1,160 for Girls Rock Milwaukee and packed Club G. so tight that we were eventually forced to stop letting people in. If you’d like to re-live the show, or if you were one of those turned away at the door, we have some good news. Thanks to Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering (and his assistant Ian Olvera), you can now stream and/or download the concert on our Bandcamp page. In addition to generously donating his time and energy to record the show, Perkins also mixed and mastered the event.

All proceeds from the pay-what-you-want download will go to Girls Rock Milwaukee. Between comedian/host Tyler Menz getting 200 people to yell “TREVOR!” during his opening set, Bright Kinds gorgeous disco-tinged redressing of Ugly Brothers’ material, WC Tanks delightfully absurd take on The Olives, Maritime just plain nailing Whips’ songs, Whips echoing that by owning the music of The Fatty Acids, and so many more special moments, it’s worth a listen. If you feel so inclined, a couple bucks would also go a long way to keep the charity coming until the next Local Coverage…which can’t come soon enough.

1. Tyler Menz – Intro
2. Bright Kind – Vanishing Act (Ugly Brothers)
3. Bright Kind – Postcards (Ugly Brothers)
4. Bright Kind – Caroline (Ugly Brothers)
5. WC Tank – (I Think) My Boyfriend Has A Boyfriend (The Olives)
6. WC Tank – Friendship Terminated (The Olives)
7. The Olives – Wait (Bright Kind)
8. The Olives – Bangles (Bright Kind)
9. Ugly Brothers – Football On Stage (Temple)
10. Ugly Brothers – Smooth Sculpture (Temple)
11. The Fatty Acids – Candy Council (WC Tank)
12. The Fatty Acids – Demigodz (Of Tha Law) (WC Tank)
13. The Fatty Acids – Rap 4 Voices (Age Of Astonishment) (WC Tank)
14. Temple – Tearing Up The Oxygen (Maritime)
15. Temple – Guns Of Navarone (Maritime)
16. Maritime – Wise Words (Whips)
17. Maritime – Big (Whips)
18. Maritime – Loverly (Whips)
19. Whips – Worst Part (The Fatty Acids)
20. Whips – Sportskin (The Fatty Acids)
21. Whips – Hug Your Bones (The Fatty Acids)

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