Ian McCullough is a somewhat rare case of an artist’s level of ambition matching the caliber of their output. The ever-active and relentless Milwaukee musician, producer, and self-described “Sonic Autobiographer”—who releases music under the “Cullah” moniker—strives to put out a new album every year (usually on or around April 27 to coincide with his birthday). He’s managed to fulfill that goal a total of 15 times since his 15th birthday, but it’s not just the quantity of his output that’s impressive. Each new effort also displays Cullah’s ongoing growth, technical improvement, and all-around evolution as different artistic ground is touched upon and the project’s scope expands to new territory.

Perhaps the most sizeable creative jump in Cullah’s expansive catalog can be heard on one of his latest releases. Firebird, which Cullah put out on his birthday in 2022, is a soaring EP that culminates with memorable closing track “The King” that finds McCullough’s soulful vocals intermingling with colossal baritone sax, keys, and rhythmic accompaniment. Now, close to two years after it came out, the song has an equally lofty and magnificent music video.

This morning, Cullah’s video for “The King” was released. True to the song’s name and lyrical content, the Anthony Klein-shot and -directed project shows Cullah—donning period-specific attire—enduring the cruelty of a king alongside other serfs before going medieval on the monarch and usurping the throne. Between the great song, the outstanding visuals (including footage filmed at Paddy’s Pub and South Shore Park), and its ambitious concept with top-notch execution, you should watch the music video for “The King” now.

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