When we last checked in with Cozy Danger way back in 2019, the Milwaukee indie rock trio was starting to play out again after a six-year hiatus and had just released a long-belated music video for a song from its 2013 debut EP. Though a worldwide pandemic slowed the band’s newfound momentum regarding live shows—just as it did for almost everyone in the realm of music—in early 2020, Cozy Danger still managed to turn in one of its most productive years as a band with semi-regular livestreams, a music video for a new song called “We’re All Gonna Die,” and even a new EP.

With COVID-19 conditions improving and things making their way back to something at least resembling normalcy, Cozy Danger is building on its surprisingly accomplished 2020 with another video for a song from last year’s Invincible Dog Story EP. The band’s self-shot “Where Are All My Dogs At” video tackles the now-universally-understood topics of social anxiety and struggling with small talk.

“The song is a narrative about wanting to be social, while dealing with the anxiety of actually having to talk to people in social situations,” Cozy Danger member Jake Brandt says. “It’s a theme that felt extra real as we’re making this turn out of the pandemic.”

In addition to footage of the band performing and hiding out at a party, Cozy Danger also called upon pet-owning friends to lend them their dog for the shoot. Between the great song, its identifiable message, and a video that features the band partying with pooches, you should do yourself a favor and watch Cozy Danger’s “Where Are All My Dogs At” video now.

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