What comes to mind when you hear/read the words “rat bath”? Unless you’re a rat aficionado (shout-out to all the rat aficionados out there!), it’s probably something vaguely unpleasant. But forget all that: Milwaukee group Rat Bath is here to change your mind about the words “rat bath” forever. Finally!

Rat Bath has been scampering around the scene since 2019, specializing in what the band calls “spooky country core.” That sound is certainly on display throughout the group’s debut LP, Rat From Hell (due February 18). The 11-track record careens between noisy, full-barrel cow punk and chaotic, witchy hardcore, with everything in between. (A few quieter moments, and a guest appearance from Johanna Rose, are also included.) It’s a wild ride, and it’s one of the best Milwaukee albums of the still-young year. Get ready. (You can pre-save the album on Spotify HERE.)

Here’s an exclusive peek at Rat From Hell‘s second track, “Bone Eater.” Dig those Pixies-esque guitars!

Did we mention Rat From Hell is a concept album? You better believe it is. The band explains:

Rat From Hell is Rat Bath’s freshman LP that tells the story of a witch whose powers are rendered useless when a demon appears in their home having been paid to capture them. Throughout the album the main character fights, is captured by, nearly falls in love with, escapes from, and ultimately defeats the demon by resolving past trauma caused by a previous abuser who had paid the demon. The demon, described to have X’s for eyes and a scribbled-on smile, is the personification of trauma and all the different ways it can manifest in one’s life.

Rat Bath will celebrate the release of Rat From Hell Friday, February 18 at Cactus Club. Moonglow, Guerrilla Ghost, Chelsea Tadeyeski, and Santísimo Ramón will play in support. Here’s another track from the album, “Spit//Swallow”:

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