As the calendar turned to November, end-of-year award season officially arrived in Milwaukee. Though certain trusted publications are desperately soliciting your input for dumb shit like who (between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) has the city’s finest produce selection of which multi-national banking institution is the best for opening a checking account, leave it to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee to shine an uncharacteristically adept light on local music with its latest Radio Milwaukee Music Awards ballot.

Through November 22, the listener-supported station is soliciting votes for its 8th annual awards show, with seven different categories, including:
• Album Of The Year
• Song Of The Year
• Solo Artist Of The Year
• Band Of The Year
• Album Artwork
• Music Video Of The Year
• Independent Release (wherein the act is unsigned, even by an independent label)

Perhaps inspired by input from past years, some categories in the first round have as many as many as 62 options, not including the write in vote. No awards show ballot is perfect, but frankly, in a city where fucking Barnes & Noble, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Macy’s are still trotted out as a legitimate book, chicken wing, and men’s clothing retailers worthy of local award consideration, respectively, this year’s 88Nine ballot is far and away the most thorough, localized, and knowledgeable ballot we’ve seen in Milwaukee so far in this young awards season.

Have a say and cast your vote. Winners will be announced at a December 3 awards ceremony at 88Nine Studios, which will feature performances by select nominees and LIKELY no awards given to Old Country Buffet.

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