In case you missed our various recent reminders, Milwaukee music is an incredibly good place. Though there’s no shortage of Best Of lists and awards that help recognize the recorded efforts of Milwaukee musicians, Silver City Studios recently gave listeners another way to brush up on some of 2018’s best local music. This week, the recording studio released the Silver City Sampler 2018, which features an eclectic blend of 24 tracks Silver City worked on this year.

Whether you’re reminding yourself how good the Paper Holland and Platinum Boys releases are, prepping for big things from OQ and Seabra & Carlyle next year, or discovering just how great Lingerer is, the digital sampler is a great refresher course for the abundance of enjoyable audio that came out of Milwaukee this year. As we acknowledge the work of Milwaukee bands and rappers, it’s also a great time to recognize how important places like Silver City Studios, Wire & Vice, Mystery Room Mastering, Howl Street Recordings, and various other local recording/mastering studios are in helping to bring wonderful material to the next level.

Revisit some of the city’s best material by streaming the sampler below.

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