Over the course of 30-plus years, Bob Mould has become a triple threat. His work with Hüsker Dü defined the hardcore movement of the ’80s; his pop-minded Sugar provided an alternate soundtrack to the ’90s; and his ongoing solo work has painted a picture of an artist unafraid to embrace his past one minute, and throw it away the next. That last stage has been especially relevant in recent years, as Mould has experienced something of resurgence in his solo career. In fact, while touring behind the 20th anniversary of Sugar’s Copper Blue in 2012, Mould’s then-new songs from his solo album Silver Age were nearly as jaw-dropping as his old material. The new Beauty & Ruin continues his impressive solo streak, with a blistering, guitar-heavy, Sugar-like album of loss, pain, acceptance, and triumph. In other words, classic Bob Mould.

The legendary singer-songwriter will make his first Milwaukee appearance in nearly two years when he headlines Turner Hall Wednesday, September 17. General admission tickets are $20, and go on sale Friday, June 6 at noon. Hell yes.