Back in December, we introduced you to Dinner Set Gang—a new project from Josh Evert and Derek De Vinney of The Fatty Acids—by debuting a so-called “Xmas horror video” for the band’s first single. A couple months after that premiere of “Awful Things” provided an impressive aural and visual introduction to the dynamic duo, Dinner Set Gang is now giving listeners another taste of its forthcoming album, Are You Someplace Else?, with another inventive and enjoyable music video.

Today, a Panama City-based label called editoris debuted the video for “Lord Of All The Gods.” The ambitious visual undertaking was shot and edited by Casey O’Brien, who says she wanted it to touch on the song’s overarching themes of “galactic balance and nature’s volatility,” while also loosely functioning as a lyric video. Beyond the occasional lyrical overlay and the attention-grabbing addition of smaller screens with lipstick-lined mouths singing along (“to echo certain themes in the song”), O’Brien says she included footage of things like seasons changing in Wisconsin, a blood wolf moon in South Carolina, and “other earthly scenes that make you think, ‘Whoa, life is wild and I can’t believe I got to be one of the people.'”

The song was recorded and mixed at Silver City Studios and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. D’Amato contributed additional vocals to the song. You can get better acquainted with Dinner Set Gang by watching the “Lord Of All The Gods” video below.

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