Being home to literally thousands of bars, it’s only natural that at least a few drinking establishments in Milwaukee have names that are less-than flattering. Places like Slurp -N- Burp Fun Bar, Toni’s Moody Blues, and Hangoverz come to mind. One of the more perplexing Milwaukee bar names today is Amnesia Nite Club. The National Avenue watering hole is probably a perfectly fine and reputable business…that just so happens to imply patrons won’t recall what happened there.

Those of you who have encountered the night club’s sign—complete with hazy lettering—and reacted with shock, horror, confusion, or some combination of the three are in luck. Amnesia is for sale. A sign posted in the bar’s window advertises its availability. With a liquor license, loyal customers, as well as equipment and furnishings already in place, Amnesia has all the makings of a great turnkey business. Of course, new owners could certainly implement some changes, too. Changing the name to almost anything else is one example of a modification a new owner could execute. There are probably other changes that could be made, but that name one seems like a good place to start.

Amnesia’s asking price, square footage, condition, or any other terms of the sale aren’t known. What we can tell you for sure is there’s a night club called Amnesia in Milwaukee, it’s for sale, and anyone who buys it can call it something else.

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