As most of you probably already know, Gardetto’s—an iconic snack mix that boasts an “irresistible big, bold taste” and graces store shelves throughout the country—originated right here in Milwaukee. Almost exactly two years ago, we told you the long and illustrious tale of Gardetto’s, its undeniable local connection, and the changes the snack mix has seen though the years. Instead of rehashing any of that here, we’re just going to get right down to business.

Currently, there are five different snack varietals in Gardetto’s ironically-named “Original Recipe” mix. Thanks to the winning blend of spices and the almighty carbohydrate, everything in the snack mix is good…but only one thing is the best. Inspired by the reminder of the Gardetto’s-related article we wrote back in October 2020, we recently went to the store to pick up a bag of “Original Recipe” in order to give Milwaukee Record readers like you the definitive rankings of things found in Gardetto’s. You’re entitled to your opinion, but this is the list in its correct order.

5. Pretzel Stick

4. Squiggly Breadstick

3. Pretzel

2. Breadstick Nub

1. Rye Chip

Like it was ever going to be anything other than rye chip!

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