Last spring, we alerted you to the uplifting news that Taco John’s—a “West-Mex” fast food chain that has more than 400 locations in 27 states—had announced plans to add 10 to 12 locations in the Milwaukee area by 2025. The chain currently has 31 restaurants in Wisconsin, with a Waukesha location being the closest to Milwaukee. So naturally, reports of Taco John’s opening within Milwaukee city limits was big news to people who have been hankering for beloved items like the Six-Pack And A Pound, the Taco Bravo, and the signature Potato Olés without the inconvenient trek on I-94.

Almost a year has passed since the chain announced its expansion plans, and Milwaukee still doesn’t have a Taco John’s. So we recently decided to reach out to customer support to see whether we could expect a new TJ’s location in or around Milwaukee. Our questions were (kind of) answered by someone from the Taco John’s Guest Relations department this morning.

“Yes, there are plans in the works of building one in [Milwaukee],” a customer service representative, who did not share their name, told Milwaukee Record via email. “There isn’t an exact date, but hoping by the end of this year. Stay tuned!”

So there you have it, folks! We don’t have a specific date for you and we can’t say exactly where this planned location will be in the city, but the dream is still alive for there to be a Taco John’s in Milwaukee in late 2021 or sometime shortly thereafter. Nice!

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