Despite the occasional “Oof, we’ve gotta slow down,” Milwaukeeans love to drink. Is that a good thing? It can be. Is that a bad thing? It can be. Can we use our drinking prowess for good and break the Guinness World Record for “simultaneous beer can opening”? Like a celebrated author once said, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Anyway, yeah, Milwaukee is trying to break another Guinness record or whatever. Wonder Bar (5520 W. Vliet St., 414-257-9112) will host the attempt on Saturday, October 6, at 4 p.m., during the Vliet Street Fall Festival. According to the folks at Guinness, the current record for “simultaneous beer can opening” belongs to Career Consulting Co. in Japan, with 1,149 people cracking a cold one at the same time. Can we come together and beat a bunch of career consultants? Yes. Yes we can.

Wonder Bar GWR Promo from Chad Halvorsen on Vimeo.

The price for participating in this possibly historic happy hour is $20. That gets you a can of beer for opening (natch), a complimentary tap beer, a commemorative T-shirt, a downloadable photo of the event, and “bragging rights.” Also, according to Wonder Bar, “a portion of the entry fee will go to disabled veterans.”

Sign up in person at Wonder Bar, or online here (until September 2). No word yet on whether a guy/girl with really long fingernails or the ghosts of those husky motorcycle twins will be in attendance.

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