WMSE’s annual, glorious, can’t-miss Rockabilly Chili fundraiser was a little different this year. For one week, instead of cramming into the MSOE Kern Center, folks picked up competing chilis from a bunch of Milwaukee restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Votes for Best Meat, Best Veggie, and Most Unique were tallied via the #wmsechili hashtag. (“Unfortunately, we had a glitch with our voting and the ‘Best Heat’ category could not be tallied,” says WMSE.) Also, there was no Best Display this year because [gestures wildly at absolutely everything].

Here are the winners of the 2021 Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser—a.k.a. the “Super Friends Edition”!

BEST MEAT: Kettle Range Meat Co. (4-time winner!)
Runners Up: Charles E. Fromage, The Bay

BEST VEGGIE: Beans & Barley (they reclaim the title!)
Runners Up: Vanguard, Cafe Lulu

MOST UNIQUE: Kettle Range Meat Co.
Runners Up: Charles E. Fromage, The Bay

HERE’S TO 2022!