In case you somehow missed the news, allow us to let you know The Sugar Maple is hosting a pop-up devoted to I Think You Should Leave this weekend. The ambitious and unconventional bar room transformation kicked off Thursday evening and will run through Sunday, September 3.

During that span, the Bay View business (located at 441 E. Lincoln Ave.) will feature more than 20 pieces of original art inspired by the absurd Netflix sketch comedy series. There’s also a handful of ITYSL-related craft beers and cocktails available for the occasion, a playlist that nods to the series, and a few Easter eggs (both nude and otherwise) for fans of the show to enjoy. This weekend, the pop-up will bring about food trucks, costume contests, an ITYSL-themed vendor fair, an “Adult Tour” comedy open mic, and a “Baby Of The Year” competition.

Shortly after The Sugar Maple opened on Thursday afternoon, we were told we were the first through the doors to take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the I Think You Should Leave pop-up. We snapped a few photos to give you an idea of what to expect, but to quote the biker/alien guy from Season 1, “There’s a lot of other stuff, too!” Check out these photos and get yourself to The Sugar Maple right away to experience the “Cosmic Gumbo” of the pop-up firsthand.

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