I Think You Should Leave: Pop Up At The Sugar Maple

MILWAUKEE, Wis., August 16, 2023 – The Sugar Maple, located at 441 E. Lincoln Avenue, is hosting a pop up to celebrate the sketch comedy series I Think You Leave. Created by Zach Zanin and Tim Robinson, who also stars in most of the sketches, I Think You Should Leave is hailed as one of the funniest, cringiest series to have been released on Netflix in the past decade.

The four day Pop Up will run from Thursday, August 31 through Sunday, September 3. The Pop Up will feature an I Think You Should Leave theme-related Art Exhibit featuring local artists, a local vendor fair with products related to the ITYSL series, a costume contest featuring three categories, a stand-up comedy show with Micheal Kittelson as the host, a Baby Of The Year Award Parade and Contest, Mario Cantotis award-winning bake shop, food truck Cocina Filipina, Sweet Smoke BBQ, Savage Support Hot Dog BBQ, and a Truffoni’s Restaurant featuring Chef Aaron Miles from Oggie’s Kitchen.

In the Sugar Maple Pop Up tradition, there will be thematic cocktails created specifically for this series, with names such as “Back Away Banana Breath” and “That’s A Chunky”. There will be two featured craft beers, one from 1840 called Dan Flashes IPA, and one from Brewers Kitchen, called 55 Rocks, a double dry hopped juicy pale ale. The Sugar Mape will be decorated to resemble many different facets that are featured in the ITYSL series, including racks of clothing from Dan Flashes, TC Tuggers, and Calico Cut.

I Think You Should Leave Schedule

Thursday, August 31 (4pm-10pm)
• Artists’ Opening Reception. (5pm-10pm)
• Cocina Filipina Food Truck featuring Mexican, Filipino and American Hot Dogs (5pm-9pm)

Friday, September 1 (4pm-midnight)
• Costume Contest (8pm-10pm) featuring prizes for Best Overall Costume, Most Complicated Pattern, and Little Buff Boy.
• Sweet Smoke BBQ (5pm-9pm)

Saturday, September 2 (noon-midnight)
• ITYSL Themed Vendor Fair (1pm-6pm)
• “Adult Tour” Open Mic “Say Whatever The Hell You Want” Hosted by Michael Kittelson (10pm-Midnight)
• Savage Support Hot Dog Cook Out (4pm-8pm)

Sunday, September 3 (noon-10pm)
• Baby Of The Year Award (1pm-2:30pm) Baby Parade (1pm-2pm). Award Ceremony (2:15pm)
• Babies must be between 0 and 3 years old.
• Truffioni’s Restaurant featuring Aaron Miles from Oggie’s Kitchen (2pm-6pm)

I Think You Should Leave Background
Created by Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin, both former writers on Saturday Night Live, I Think You Should Leave premiered its first season on Netflix on April 23, 2019. Season two was released on July 6, 2021, and the third season was released in May, 2023. The series is a fine example of Cringe Comedy, offbeat and surreal, with the majority of sketches based on someone (Tim Robinson) making wildly embarrassing mistakes or comments in a social/professional setting, then stubbornly attempting to either blame someone else for their errors, or, trying to convince everyone else that they are wrong. The sketches settings are mundane, taking place in peoples’ homes, the workplace, and other routine environments, and start out with a normal premise that quickly escalates into absurdity and ridiculous statements that have woven themselves into many facets of our current culture. In addition to Tim Robinson, the cast features Patti Harrison, Sam Richardson, Conner O’Malley, Brianna Baker and Matt Knudson, with special celebrity guests such as Jason Schwartzman, Steven Yeun, Sisa Grey, Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong amongst many others.

Sugar Maple Background
The Sugar Maple opened on April 1, 2008 with the mission to provide craft beer brewed solely in North America, including Canada. Since 2015, its mission has evolved to showcase small craft breweries, as local as possible, and to give new, up-and coming breweries and distilleries exposure to the public. The bar focuses on educating and informing the consumer, so that each individual can support the producers of local beverages, thus supporting their communities.

The Sugar Maple has grown into much more than a beer bar. It is an active community center that elevates the local art, music and food scenes. It is a place to gather, connect and inspire. Sugar Maple regularly hosts events including beer releases and brewery showcases, pop-up beer dinners, musical performances, art openings, fundraisers for local non-profits, comedy shows, theater performances, and more!

As an active member of its community in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sugar Maple encourages innovation and creativity in the fermented beverage industries. Through hosting inclusive and accessible educational programs and building partnerships, Sugar Maple aims to invest in the vibrant integrity of its communities.

Visit http://mysugarmaple.com for more information.

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