Depending on whom you ask, Pokemon Go is either the harbinger of the end times or a miracle sent from the bosom of Jigglypuff itself that cures depression, loneliness, and probably death. Or, you know, the staggeringly popular “augmented reality” mobile game could just be a fun diversion that gets people the fuck out of the house. Whatever the case, two weeks after its release, the game shows no signs of going away—much like its players show no signs of going away while blocking sidewalks, driveways, and Holocaust museums.

Which brings us to this brief-but-eye-opening time-lapse video, which we shot yesterday at Lake Park. Holy shit! That’s a lot of Pokemon Go players! Yes, the expansive East Side park has been swamped with Poke-pals for the last few weeks, much to the bemusement of joggers and elderly dog walkers. Unfortunately, our video doesn’t include the Poke-shit-storm that has been descending daily on the park’s waterfall, which is truly a sight to behold. Oh well! Almost caught ’em all!

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