On Thursday, July 2 at 9 a.m., the Common Council’s Public Safety and Health Committee will discuss a proposed citywide masking policy that would require Milwaukeeans to wear masks in public places. In case you missed it, a bunch of businesses want such a policy. Others do not. Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic (chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee) has introduced the proposed policy, dubbed MKE Cares. Tomorrow’s meeting will surely be a hoot. You can watch it HERE.

Want a taste of the public support and opposition for a citywide masking policy? Then download these extensive PDFs, which are on public file HERE. First, the…

Support emails

And then, the…

Opposition emails

Some highlights from the Support category:

• Absolutely mandate masks for any business inside, it’s the only defense we currently have, thx!

• 100% in favor of masks required. I thought we were adults and wouldn’t need this sort of thing but then again, we have no ADULT leadership

• Thank you for the courage to promote a public mask mandate. I support your announced legislation.

• I am in favor of the requirement of wearing a mask in public. It saves lives.

And some highlights from the Opposition category:

• We do not want to wear masks! There is no proof that Masks do anything! You are dividing our city even Worse! Stop the Mandatory Mask law! It is unconstitutional!

• I will not patronize any business that requires customers to wear a mask. They are not healthy. Stop controlling us.

• You model your ordinance on Los Angelos [sic]. May I suggest you take your sorry butt out there. No great loss. Maybe read the news where California is one of those places. As Bill Engvall would say “here’s your sign”

• [insert some shit about “DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH” here]

Also, the dude who owns Shaker’s doesn’t like masks, either. He has an email in the Opposition category. Spooky!

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