A new VISIT Milwaukee promotional video was released yesterday, highlighting an aspect of Milwaukee culture that usually doesn’t get a lot of attention: beer. It’s a lovely video, featuring lovely images of just about every beer-related thing the city has to offer, as well as a shot of Ald. Bob “This Stall Is Taken, Mr. Donovan” Donovan tapping a keg. Check it out and bask in the beer-soaked glory of it all, Milwaukee.

Sadly, the VISIT Milwaukee video doesn’t highlight Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed $300 million cuts to the UW System, which, according to VISIT Milwaukee convention sales development manager Frost Williams, are just one of those things we have to “bite the bullet” on. Earlier this week, WUWM dropped by a rally for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, where hundreds of young professionals gathered in support of Walker’s proposed $220 million arena funding plan. The station asked Williams about his support for the arena, and how he felt about the UW System cuts. “I hate to see cuts in education, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet on things,” Williams said. “There’s a huge deficit that we’re working through.” Listen to the entire piece here.

That huge deficit that can only be addressed by decimating Wisconsin’s education system apparently applies to VISIT Milwaukee, too, who couldn’t even pony up for a song by a Milwaukee or Wisconsin-based band in their video, and instead bought some generic “indie” production music instead. #onward

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