In lieu of our end-of-week “Stuff We Missed” roundup, we’re rounding up some news and data about the continued COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe, Milwaukee.


Wisconsin COVID-19 Test Results
Positive: 1,221
Negative: 15,856
Deaths: 14
(Milwaukee County: 617 total cases, 5 total deaths)

• State’s Predicted Pandemic Peak Is April 26 [Urban Milwaukee]

• New Homeless COVID-19 Shelter Opens [Urban Milwaukee]

• Shut-Off Proposal Called ‘Dictator Like’ [Urban Milwaukee]


Wisconsin COVID-19 Test Results
Positive: 1,351
Deaths: 16
(Milwaukee County: 674 total cases, 6 total deaths)

• 2020 Polish Fest and Festa Italiana have been postponed and/or canceled [Milwaukee Record]

• Area Hobby Lobby stores have been shut down as nonessential businesses [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• State Will Use Hotel As Isolation Facility [Urban Milwaukee]

• Aurora Setting Up COVID-19 Triage Tents [Urban Milwaukee]

• Milwaukee Mitchell airport employee tests positive for COVID-19 [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• UW-Madison will be a clinical trial site for a coronavirus treatment that uses plasma from recovered patients [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]


Wisconsin COVID-19 Test Results
Negative: 18,819
Deaths: 24
(Milwaukee County: 780 total positive cases, 11 total deaths)

• Mayor Barrett and city officials stress voting absentee, returning ballots to city drop boxes [Milwaukee Record]

• Milwaukee garbage pickup, other services continue despite COVID-19; alderman suggests bonus pay [Milwaukee Record]

• Now you can watch (and tip) your favorite Silk Exotic dancers online [Milwaukee Record]

• DNC “Should Not Be Our Priority,” Barrett Says [Urban Milwaukee]

• ‘Do I have to pay rent?’: Answers to that and other questions about Wisconsin’s temporary ban on evictions and foreclosures [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Journal Sentinel’s Glauber, Bice, Spicuzza among newsroom staff furloughed by parent Gannett Co. [Milwaukee Business Journal]


Wisconsin COVID-19 Test Results
Positive: 1,730
Negative: 20,317
Deaths: 31
(Milwaukee County: 869 total positive cases, 16 total deaths)

• 2020 Democratic National Convention officially postponed until August [Milwaukee Record]

• Abele: “Delaying an election isn’t going to kill anybody, holding it is going to lead to more loss of life” [Milwaukee Record]

• Milwaukee Film brings movie magic to your living room with “Sofa Cinema” [Milwaukee Record]

• State Fair Park selected as alternative COVID-19 care facility if needed [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Unemployment Claims Set New Record, Again [Urban Milwaukee]


Wisconsin COVID-19 Test Results
Positive: 1,912
Negative: 22,377
Deaths: 37
(Milwaukee County: 951 total cases, 16 total deaths)

• Local restaurant owners share fears, frustrations, hope in era of COVID-19 [Milwaukee Record]

• Judge Rules Clerks Can’t Release Election Results Until April 13 [Wisconsin Public Radio]

• Here are the details on the Small Business Paycheck Protection Plan [88Nine Radio Milwaukee]

• Board Game Barrister owner recommends and delivers games to play online, over Zoom or in isolation [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Voters to decide on $87 million MPS referendum as coronavirus fears mount [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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