Last summer, Madison-based online apartment listings site Abodo released a study showing how the average rent for a one-bedroom Milwaukee apartment increased faster than the average rent in any other U.S. city from June-July 2016. Then, in October, the site released another study that showed it increased an additional seven percent from September-October 2016. Now, with 2016 thankfully behind us and 2017 looming like an unannounced landlord visit, Abodo has released its Annual Rent Report. In it, we discover a whole bunch of tidbits about Milwaukee rent in 2016. Among them:

• On average, rent for a one-bedroom Milwaukee apartment increased 1.64% every month in 2016. The entire state of Wisconsin, meanwhile, saw a 1.7% monthly increase. The national average was .67%, or an $85 increase.

• The average price for a one-bedroom Milwaukee apartment in 2016 was $895. The national average was $1,001.

• The average price for a one-bedroom Milwaukee apartment in December 2016 was $922. The average price for a one-bedroom Wisconsin apartment in December 2016 was $666. Creepy.

There’s plenty more to dig into, including a list of the cities with the highest rent in the first month of 2017. So while it may be alarming that the average Milwaukee one-bedroom is creeping close to $1,000 a month, take solace in the fact that San Francisco renters are shelling out $3,526, and Chicago renters are plunking down $1,725.

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