Gifts are such an integral part of the holiday season that for many of those celebrating, they away at their very core. Some stop at no costs to put together ultimate gifts, while others liberally distribute gift cards with no attempt at thoughtfulness. For as many people who start shopping in July, there are just as many who wander aimlessly through stores the night before gifts are exchanged. One subsection even stands on an anti-gift pedestal with a finger pointing at American consumer culture.

No matter which group you fall into, there is one place that serves as the middle of this gift giving Venn diagram: the “free” section of Craigslist. Unlike retail stores, there are no professionally manicured displays for people to gawk at. There are no Cyber Monday deals. You won’t find any digital marketing scientist-created banner ads dragging your mouse with the force of a black hole. All you have is a place where people are giving things away for zilch, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This online shopping resource keeps your wallet flush, leaves items out of landfills, and most importantly, fills your loved ones full of holiday glee. In this world, one person’s trash may be a gift recipient’s treasure.

For the foodie: Whole Shabang potato chips
Everyone has a foodie in their family. They go to all the hip restaurants, ride the wave of new food trends, and always have the freshest quinoa salad ready to rock for the holidays. Shabang! You’re in luck, because Craigslist Free has you covered. Potato chips are still “in” this year, right?


For the handyman/woman: Antique Kohler toilet
Have somebody in your life always looking to do home improvements? Maybe you have that special someone who just bought a fixer-upper and is looking to add a nice accent to their bathroom. Well, get off Amazon and look no further. If you reach out to this Craigslist poster, you’ll find out this toilet was once owned by an individual named Biker Bruce. He “lived to the beat of his own drum.” What better way to keep the rhythm than by giving his old thrown a new life.


For the DIYer: Coyote hide
People love getting ideas from Pinterest, but don’t sell Craigslist Free short for DIY-inspired gift implements. After reaching out to this Craigslist giver (insider), he explained that this roadside find, if tanned properly, could be turned into a hat that’s perfect for those long Wisconsin winters.


For the health nut: Kombucha Scoby
Perhaps your current lover is always looking for a new way to detox, or maybe they have a drinking problem. Regardless, this Kombucha drinker got her first ever Scoby (?) on Craigslist, and is looking to “pay it forward.” No word on whether homemade Kombucha is included.


For the animal lover: Chickens
There is someone in everyone’s life who stops to say hello to every dog they see, or who loses their damn mind whenever they encounter a cat. These same people generally fantasize about the day they have a pet of their own. Although you might not find a playful puppy or a cute kitty, the potential recipient likely won’t care. Unless he or she isn’t a morning person.


For the Badger fan: Simplicity mower with snowblower attachment
GiftingWisconsin-themed presents is always a surefire way to put a smile on any proud Badger’s face. But why shell out $50 for a sweatshirt that might not fit right or mesh with somebody’s style? Especially when this riding mower will certainly cut it as a thoughtful (and free) gift.


For the gamer: Home made game
Sick of trying to convince people that Kubb is worth playing? Have all your friends decided it’s no longer “cool” to play Settlers Of Catan? Do you find you don’t have the creative wherewithal or resourcefulness to make any sort of gift on your own? Don’t worry, somebody has already done it for you.


For the bottle collector: Bottles
Do you have a friend that collects plastic detergent bottles? No? That sounds about right.


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