The country is now 27 days into the government shutdown and, despite the pleas of the Milwaukee Common Council, it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. Hundreds of thousands of government workers and federal contractors have been furloughed, including many people living in and around Milwaukee.

As those workers prepare for their fifth straight week without pay, some local businesses are stepping up to help—or at least provide a temporary distraction to—those impacted by the shutdown. Joining generous gestures by the likes of Doc’s Smokehouse, Casablanca, Enlightened Brewing Company, and Stock House Brewing (more details on those offers here) is Bounce Milwaukee. Yesterday, the Milwaukee fun land extended the following offer to help those who are enduring the financial stress of the ongoing shutdown “make some memories with [their] children.”

From the Facebook post:

“From Monday, January 21st through Friday, January 25th, we’ll provide a free Bounce wristband for any federal employee or federal contractor furloughed from work or working without a paycheck. We’ll also provide Bounce admission for up to three dependent children. No purchase is required. Simply bring in proof of your employment and status.”

Though it doesn’t put money in the bank accounts of those affected, it’s nice to see local businesses stepping up to help make life a little bit easier for furloughed federal workers.

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