Though useful, neighborhood Facebook groups can sometimes be too much to handle. Between endless bickering, unnecessary politicizing, and people bringing up topics that don’t even remotely apply to the region the page is meant to cover, there can be a lot of bullshit to trudge through on the way to getting the truly local information you seek. With those oftentimes annoying aspects seemingly in mind, one new Facebook group is aiming to set aside the filler in order to, simply put, help people in a Milwaukee neighborhood hook up.

Last week, a new group called Bay View Missed Connections launched. Though the sample size of the South Shore group (which is predated by the Riverwest equivalent) is small so far, it’s already rewarding readers with choice anecdotes of localized lust. So far, the mostly anonymous posts have yielded stories of about post-Palomino “pokes,” an unrequited Bay View Bowl attraction, an anecdote about someone twerking while eating a slice of pizza, some torrid tales from Cafe Corazon, and crushing on a “hot dad with a beard” who walks up and down Dover St. with his infant in a Baby Bjorn.

Even though we haven’t heard about many connections being made yet, there actually have been a few cases of Missed Connections success already. Even when they don’t work out, Bay View Missed Connections is a fun and harmless way to kill some time online. Best yet, nobody there has fought about the The Hop yet. If you had feelings for someone while spending time in Bay View or you’re just looking for an innocent laugh, check it out now. And please heed this advice:

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