If you read yesterday’s article about 25 Milwaukee things that can be sung to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, you’re probably just getting the song out of your head now. We’re sorry about that. However, some of you took it upon yourselves to submit items that we missed, while others simply sent us the video where TV legend Chuck Lorre talks about writing this wonderful song. In both cases, we sincerely appreciate it.

Between the submissions we received from you all and a few more that we found ourselves, we’ve got enough for one more list. This is it, though, and after this list, we’ll consider the matter closed. Probably. Without any additional explanation or rationalization, here are 10 MORE Milwaukee things that can be sung to Chuck Lorre’s famous Ninja Turtles theme song.

Harley-Davidson Museum
– A must-see Milwaukee institution. Great for kids and adults. Plus, MOTOR serves great food and beer.

“I’m Attorney David Gruber”

Tarantino’s Pizzeria
– We actually haven’t had their stuff yet, but the way their name suits the TMNT song is delicious.

Colectivo Coffee Roasters
– Sponsor of our Public Domain series, brewer of great coffee, and baker of those cookies we absolutely love.

MobCraft Brewery & Taproom
– Great big space with a great big crowdsourced beer menu.

Santiago Calatrava
– The architect behind the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion.

Mitchell Street Association
– If you haven’t visited their neighborhood, you should.

Wheel of Steel – Velocihamster
– A local lap steel metal album that’ll keep you nice and warm this winter.

Miller High Life Champagne Bottle
– Almost too lovely to drink. Almost.

Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Record

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