Sugar Maple Celebrates Its 15 Year Anniversary with a Throwback 2008-era Quincañera Party featuring beer, food and live music

MILWAUKEE, Wis., April 6, 2023 – The Sugar Maple, located at 441 E. Lincoln Avenue, is celebrating its 15 Year Anniversary by throwing a nostalgic 2008-era Quincañera on Saturday, April 15 at 15:00 (3:00 p.m.). The coming-of-age party will feature 15 special beers from 15 of Sugar Maple’s favorite local craft breweries, accompanied by the Troublemakers Cocina Mad Mexican Food Truck and music from the Mariachi Real Azteca Band and DJ Freakish Nerd. There will also be a menu of featured cocktails to celebrate the occasion. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in theme, whether it be a favorite early aughts outfit or a vintage Quincañera fashion.

The Sugar Maple opened its doors on April 1, 2008 as an American Craft Beer Bar, and has since added craft cocktails, mocktails, and a variety of other beverages sourced from predominantly local breweries and distilleries to its menu offerings. Since 2021, with the addition of mixologists Harrison Browning and Xay Matabele, Sugar Maple has expanded its menu to offer handcrafted cocktails using local distilleries and house made syrups, juices, and shrubs. The Sugar Maple will feature the 15 breweries by pouring their limited-release beers, along with the bar’s other drafts, for the throwback price of $5 a beer.

Sugar Maple 15 Year Anniversary party:

Saturday, April 15 at 15:00 (3 p.m.)
Mariachi Real Azteca Band at 17:00 (5 p.m.)
TroubleMakers Mad Mexican Cuisine Food Truck from 16:00-20:00 (4-8 p.m.)
DJ Freakish Nerd from 20:00-23:00 (8-11 p.m.)

The Sugar Maple will feature 15 special beers from 15 breweries that continue to provide exceptional beers that elevate the craft beer drinking experience. “It was difficult to choose 15 breweries to represent the past 15 years of the Sugar Maple’s growth,” said owner Adrienne Pierluissi, “However the breweries were chosen for specific reasons.”

“Lakefront is the only brewery on the menu on opening day that has maintained its relevance in a constantly changing market with their My Turn series, which features rotating beers conceptualized by a different featured employee,” continued Pierluissi. “YoungBlood was chosen because during the pandemic, they were one of a few breweries who continued to keg beer, as most breweries chose to can/bottle, or less fortunately, closed their doors permanently. Black Husky, Supermoon, Radix, Enlightened, Component, Vennture and 1840 were able to share their beers with the conscientious consumer seeking out high-quality beers from local breweries who may not have had their beers tasted otherwise.”

The Sugar Maple is honored to carry these beers and support the breweries, distilleries, and their families that are an integral part of their communities. “18th Street, Half Acre, Maplewood and Revolution, some of the finest breweries outside of Wisconsin, have always offered the Sugar Maple unique and specialty beers that elevate the menu and keep the beer aficionados content,” said Pierluissi.

Featured Breweries and Beers:

• 1840 Brewing Company: La Contessa Table Beer 4.2%

• 18th Street Brewery: Halfway To Thirty Birthday Cake Stout 8.5%

• Black Husky Brewing: Weizenbock 9.2%

• Component Brewing Company: TBD

• Enlightened Brewing Company: Cream City Brix Cream Ale 5%

• Half Acre Beer Co: Cool Lake Cold IPA 7.2%

• Indeed Brewing Company: Aquafuzz Hazy IPA 7.2%

• Lakefront Brewery: My Turn: Yovani Jamaican Lager on Tequila Chips 6%

• McFleshman’s Brewing: El Guapo Lima Mexican Lager in Cask with lime, cilantro, Motueka hops 4.6%

• Maplewood Brewery: Cuppa French Vanilla Imperial Stout 12.5%

• Radix Fermentation: Sticks and Stones Peach Belgian Triple 9.5%

• Revolution Brewing: Double Barrel Very Special Old Straight Jacket Barleywine 2022 16.8%

• Supermoon Beer Company: Sensitive King Abbey Style Tripel 9%

• Vennture Brew Co: Saison Du Jour Blended Barrel Aged Saison with Rishi Tea 5.5%

• Young Blood Beer Company: Captain Shimmy Shoulders Tropical Fruit Sour Ale 7.5%

Sugar Maple Background

The Sugar Maple opened on April 1, 2008 with the mission to provide craft beer brewed solely in North America, including Canada. Since 2015, its mission has evolved to showcase small craft breweries, as local as possible, and to give new, up-and-coming breweries and distilleries exposure to the public. The bar focuses on educating and informing the consumer, so that each individual can support the producers of local beverages, thus supporting their communities.

The Sugar Maple has grown into much more than a beer bar. It is an active community center that elevates the local art, music and food scenes. It is a place to gather, connect and inspire. Sugar Maple regularly hosts events including beer releases and brewery showcases, pop-up beer dinners, musical performances, art openings, fundraisers for local non-profits, comedy shows, theater performances, and more!

As an active member of its community in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sugar Maple encourages innovation and creativity in the fermented beverage industries. Through hosting inclusive and accessible educational programs and building partnerships, Sugar Maple aims to invest in the vibrant integrity of its communities.

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