Protected bike lanes coming to busy east side locations

Alderman Jonathan Brostoff announced today that installation of protected bike lanes will begin in the 3rd Aldermanic District, starting with E. North Ave. between the east end of the bridge over the Milwaukee River and N. Prospect Ave.

Alderman Brostoff said that additional protected bike lanes will also be installed on N. Prospect Ave. between E. North and N. Maryland Avenues. Department of Public Works crews are expected to get the installation work underway (weather permitting) tomorrow—Friday, August 4.

The new bike lanes on E. North Ave. will be against the curb on both sides of the street, with a painted buffer that includes plastic posts (called “flexible delineators) between the bike lanes and cars. To narrow the crossing distance for people walking, calm traffic, and provide increased safety for people biking, parking will be removed along the south side of the street, and parking will be located between the buffer and the automobile travel lane on the north side of the street. One driving lane in each direction will remain, similar to today.

Alderman Brostoff, a longtime proponent of traffic safety measures, has expressed his enthusiasm for the new protected bike lanes.

“Traffic safety has been an increasingly difficult and tragic problem in Milwaukee, which is why I supported these projects and why I’m so happy to see them get started,” Alderman Brostoff said. “These new protected bike lanes mark the beginning not the end of improvements to the streets and not only will they will calm traffic, make the pedestrian experience better, and improve bike safety, but they’ll also reduce accidents both in volume and in severity.”

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