Today is National Beer Day. The holiday celebrates “the day that the Cullen–Harrison Act was enacted after having been signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 22, 1933.” This paved the way for the end of Prohibition on December 5, 1933. Fun!

In honor of today’s holiday, we rounded up three places to get a beer in Milwaukee. Here’s what we came up with:


Milwaukee’s legendary Lakefront Brewery (1872 N. Commerce St.) not only serves beer, it serves its own beer. Lakefront’s terrific beers include Riverwest Stein, Fixed Gear, Hazy Rabbit, and Lakefront Lager. There’s an IPA, too! Want to see how the beer is made? Take Lakefront’s famed brewery tour! They serve beer on the tour!


We love this Riverwest bar (2578 N. Dousman St.). It serves beer, and the bartender has to buzz you in if you want to get in the front door.


The Milwaukee Brewers will play their 2022 home opener at American Family Field (1 Brewers Way) on April 14. That’s Milwaukee Day! If you go to the game—or any game after that—you can totally get a beer. The ballpark features a wide selection of beer, from Miller products to non-Miller products. Vendors can even bring a beer to your seat!

And that’s it! Let us know if we missed anything! Happy National Beer Day, Milwaukee!

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