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In an art form increasingly created by and marketed to the young, does music have a problem with age? What about music criticism, which seems to casually and gleefully dismiss anyone over 40 (30?) who dares to release new music? In a recent Pitchfork review, the line “It’s borderline inconceivable that a white, male, 40-something artist could bring a refreshing perspective to a traditional genre,” is casually dropped as though it’s conventional wisdom, and reviews of last weekend’s “Oldchella” continually focused on the breaking news that the performers were, well, old. “Amazed by how ageism continues to go unchecked in most music writing,” tweeted former Milwaukeean Steven Hyden. “Artists over 40 are explicitly, and proudly, dismissed consistently.” Ryan, Evan, and Matt look into the perceived problem, and also give a shout-out to the recently wrapped 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival.

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