We’re exactly—good grief—two weeks away from regular season Green Bay Packers football. We’ve been prepping our Halftime Show schedule. We’ve been re-reading the annual Deadspin article on why the Packers suck. We’ve been watching a few minutes of preseason. And now we’re looking forward to the September 15 game against the Minnesota Vikings, in which Milwaukee’s own WhiskeyBelles will perform the national anthem. Neat!

On Wednesday, the long-running country/Americana trio revealed the big news on social media…

We vote full cheesehead getups, by the way.

The ever-busy band has plenty of other shows in the near-future, including one at a Harley-Davidson rally on August 30 (in Oconomowoc) and the aforementioned opening gig for the Violent Femmes on September 14 (in Green Bay). Until then, go Pack, and go WhiskeyBelles.