Following an altogether great 2015 in Milwaukee-made music videos, The Midwest Beat—the band who brought you the closing time dancing debauchery of “High Life” and animated Alpine antics of “High Up In The Alps”—is rounding out a very impressive year in visuals with a creative concept for its “Carol Anne” music video.

After the new song and “Jackie Witch” went over well on the band’s European tour this spring, The Midwest Beat decided to press the songs to a seven-inch on Wild Honey Records, their Italian label. The former is the first single single written and sang by bassist Tim Schweiger and the first with keyboard player Kyle Motor officially part of the lineup. The video itself finds the quintet shrunk down and playing the upbeat number among the wires and circuits of an old time radio. Filmed in front of a green screen set up in the living room and kitchen of drummer/video director of Chris “Chopper” Capelle, “Carol Anne” features an introduction from the legendary Rev Norb (of Boris The Sprinkler and Rev Norb & The Onions) and a cameo from Capelle’s cat Bocephus.

Check out the homespun video below before The Midwest Beat releases the two-song record at Cactus Club tonight. Jaye Jayle (Louisville) and Sin Bad will play in support.

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