Save for some periodic 7-inches, compilation contributions, and a comprehensive album of singles from previous releases, Milwaukee’s own The Midwest Beat hasn’t managed a proper LP since 2011’s Gone Not Lost. In accordance with the release of its long-awaited full-length, Free Of Being, the quartet decided to quench the collective thirst of impatient listeners with a music video for “High Life,” the first single from the forthcoming record, which will be released stateside by Dusty Medical Records in September.

The band’s self-given “jukebox-ready” description has never been more accurate than in this bleary and beer-soaked bar time anthem. High Frequency Media does a masterful job capturing the band in what appears to be its natural state—swilling domestic beer (guess what brand) and fucking around in an otherwise empty neighborhood watering hole. If MillerCoors does the right thing and immediately adopts this song for use in High Life ads, we’re willing to look the other way on its decision to produce Coors Summer Brew and Miller Fortune.