On Monday, February 22, the Milwaukee Bucks will host the Los Angeles Lakers. Though a 22-32 team hosting an 11-44 team doesn’t exactly have the makings of a meaningful game, the Bradley Center will be packed with people who want to witness Kobe Bryant’s last game in Milwaukee. Local rappers Streetz and Young Deuces will be in attendance to see the latest stop of their favorite player’s farewell tour. Not coincidentally, the game comes just days after the duo—who work together as SNYD—released The 8, a mixtape that pays tribute to the NBA legend with 10 tracks detailing Bryant’s incomparable career and his accomplishments.

With the production and recording help of Mammyth, Streetz and Young Deuces look back on the significance of their childhood idol and the amazing things Bryant (who currently wears 24) was able to accomplish at such a young age.

“We grew up watching this guy come from high school straight to the pros and dominate. This was one of those fairy tale dreams we used to joke about as kids and he went and did it. If you’re not inspired by that, then I don’t know,” Young Deuces tells Milwaukee Record. “We just wanted to do something that would be an nod to his career and how we remember him, when he was in his prime, which was Kobe with the fro wearing the number eight.”

The 8, which came out today on Sways Universe, the website of MTV on-air personality Sway, chronicles Bryant’s dominance (“No Competition” and “Jealousy”), the time he dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors (“81”), and other highlights from his soon-to-expire playing days. Though he’s no longer the player he once was, SNYD are happy they’ll get a chance to see one more game from the player who inspired a concept album.

“Man, he cant play forever. All great things must come to an end,” Streetz says, “I’ll miss watching him ball and checking his stats, but honestly, yeah, it’s time, man.”

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